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DEI conference

Tourism Diversity Matters is excited to announce the first round of speakers for the upcoming Collective Experience DEI Conference scheduled for October 23rd and 24th in Philadelphia.  The Collective Experience: 2023 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Conference is dedicated to exchanging insights and concepts about diversity, inclusion, and equity best practices.

For the last four months, TDM’s Speaker Planning Committee has gathered to select, invite, and coordinate speakers for the conference. The committee’s primary purpose was to ensure the quality and relevance of the speakers and their presentations to meet the goals and objectives of the event.

Our primary focus is to prioritize that Words Matter; the words we choose and the language we use has the power to affect the people and the world around us, and speakers at the Collective Experience will play a crucial role in creating a successful and engaging event.

Our speakers are essential because they bring knowledge, expertise, inspiration, networking opportunities, and engaging presentations to the conference. Their contributions will significantly contribute to the overall success and impact of the event.

 Specifically, each will provide expertise and knowledge in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. They also share fresh perspectives about trends to inspire and motivate our audience.  Most importantly, our speakers are thought leaders bringing deep knowledge, innovative ideas, and unique perspectives on DEI.

 We are pleased to announce:

  • Carsten Beck, Director and Futurist at Copenhagen Institute For Futures Studies will open our CEO Roundtable with a keynote on Mega Trends and the transformative forces shaping DEI, meetings and conventions, and the workforce.
  • Hernan Tagliani, President, The Group Advertising, is a highly respected multicultural Hispanic marketing expert, business speaker, and author whose insights and expertise are invaluable to companies will join the CEO Roundtable.
  • Margaret Spence, Founder of The Inclusive Learning Lab, is a leading consultant, speaker, and author. She is among the foremost authorities on linking human resources best practices with workers’ compensation and integrated disability management will join the Women and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Session as a panelist.
  • Dr. Kryss Shane is an American LGBT+ expert, social work educator, consultant, author, and popular public speaker. Her keen insights are featured in the New York Times, ABC News, CNN, Oprah Magazine, Rolling Stone, Readers Digest, and Playboy will join the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Politics and Culture session.

Please be sure to join us, and for more information about the conference, including a complete list of speakers and panelists to register, you can visit TDMcollective.com.

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