Tourism Diversity Matters Celebrates Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month; it marks the 1990 enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a landmark U.S. rights law that extended civil rights protections to persons with disabilities and assured that all Americans would benefit from their talents.

Tourism Diversity Matters is proud to acknowledge and celebrate the Able Disabled community in July and all year. As a dimension of diversity, we must embrace this community’s diversity, ensure equity, welcome, and include their contributions.

Be sure to use the appropriate language of diversity; remember, words matter. When talking to and about individuals with disabilities, it is essential to use language that reflects dignity and respect.

Person First Respectful Language is based on the idea that the person is not identified by their disability.

Identity First Language means that the person feels that the disability is a vital part of who they are, and they are proud of their disability.

Ultimately, people with disabilities decide how their disability should be stated.

Greg DeShields, Executive Director | Tourism Diversity Matters (TDM)