The Unintended Consequences of Becoming an Accessible Destination

By Jake Steinman, Founder & CEO, TravelAbility Summit

Jake Steinman, shared he has learned a great deal from the DMOs that have embraced accessibility to become more inclusive and welcoming to everyone. It inspired TravelAbility’s Summit tagline: “All Means All” and resulted in many unintended consequences that have surprised destination leaders. 

  1. The DMOs who are accessible for people who are disabled today, will also be accessible for baby boomers tomorrow.
  2. Destinations will have found a way to address what some refer to as “DE&I fatigue.” “I” is for inclusive.
  3. DMOs will be part of a growing movement that is becoming more mainstream.
  4. Becoming accessible for visitors with disabilities also benefits locals.
  5. Destinations find they are developing new product without knowing it.
  6. Destinations may experience reduced staff turnover.
  7. Destination Leaders may receive kudos from board members and elected officials instead of criticism.
  8. And finally, people may think you’re a better person.

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