Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) – ASCENT Initiative

April is Diversity Month, a month-long initiative to recognize and celebrate all cultures and populations. Learn more here.

PCMA is taking bold action towards a more inclusive and diverse society through its innovative ASCENT initiative. Ascent is not a program- it is a movement.

A call to action for CEOs and Senior Leaders globally to sign the Ascent CEO Promise, a pledge to make inclusion, equity, belonging and diversity a top business priority. Their research and development alongside inclusion experts Konesens Development is helping to remove systemic barriers like unconscious bias in our workplaces and events today.  

Leveraging the collective voices of the business events industry, you will find inspiration and numerous programs that support and uplift their communities at Explore the many resources curated for business event professionals from leading expert webinars, videos, surveys, Pass the Mic Speakers, the Luminaries series, and thought leadership articles in PCMA’s CONVENE magazine.  

Rising tides lift all boats. PCMA has work to do to create workplaces and events that are inclusive, equal, safe and diverse for all. Make your mark, by joining the movement and sign their pledge at By working together and taking bold action, PCMA believes the business events industry is in the best position to transform the world.

To learn more about PCMA’s ASCENT initiative, please visit PCMA’s website for further information.