Millennial Ventures – Calling All Allies Project

April is Diversity Month, a month-long initiative to recognize and celebrate all cultures and populations. Learn more here.

Millennial Ventures has been disrupting the DEI industry with its latest social impact venture, the Calling All Allies Project, a DEI innovation firm that provides companies with strategies to increase their organizational equity.

With a focus on what they call “integrated DEI”, the Calling All Allies Project utilizes organizational development, and change management techniques to accelerate results for their clients. Their motto is “ignite workplace unity”, and since their official launch in 2020, companies from around the world have partnered with the firm, who is already building a reputation in the industry for its unconventional, but high-impact methodologies. This spring, they’ll be launching a “DEI gaming” service aimed at helping professionals overcome their biases and build their cultural competence in an accelerated way.

To learn more about Millennial Ventures Calling All Allies Project, please visit the Calling All Allies website for further information.