IACC – Better Tomorrow Social Responsibility Program

April is Diversity Month, a month-long initiative to recognize and celebrate all cultures and populations. Learn more here.

IACC’s Better Tomorrow Knowledge Hub provides real-life case studies of projects and their impact from IACC member venues around the globe. The hub champions the importance of Social Responsibility (SR) initiatives as they relate to people, communities and the environment.

IACC’s and their global membership community are committed to delivering meaningful social change. They’re seeing more and more people expect businesses to act with purpose and not just to pay lip-service to the importance, but to implement policies and programs that actually make sense with their business and drive real change.

IACC’s venues approach social impact with a deep sense of our unique perspective and value to the issues we care about. IACC will create opportunity and take responsibility to improve their efficiency, reputation, legacy and environmental impact through our social practices, through three main pillars of focus, People, Community and Environment.

Every IACC member wishing to embrace Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI), will be offered pathways to information through IACC’s Better Tomorrow Knowledge Hub and education at IACC online and live events. The Better Tomorrow Foundation, funded by IACC venues, will support individuals and groups to grow and make a difference.

To learn more about IACC’s Better Tomorrow Social Responsibility Program, please visit IACC’s website for further information.