Hate is hate, it is the lowest form of human behavior, it is not freedom of speech

by Sherrif Karamat, CAE PCMA President and CEO

Considering recent horrific and painful events in Canada over the last week, I feel compelled to address what is happening almost daily across our global society, and that is the misguided and harmful acts against others. Hate has no place – anywhere. We must continue our journey toward equality and reconciliation.

The recent discovery of 215 Indigenous Canadian children buried decades ago in an unmarked grave at the former site of a residential school in British Columbia has left many in shock and despair. Dating back to the early 1800’s Indigenous children in many parts of Canada were forced to attend residential schools, often far from their communities.

And, this past weekend, the premeditated murder of a Muslim family of five innocently taking an evening walk has left four human beings deceased, and a severely injured 9-year-old boy without a family. This must stop now. Hate is a disease of the weak and has no place in society.

These tragic events are a sobering reminder as to what has happened and continues to happen, but we must not let it deter us from our desire that our society must be “just” – just for all. Hate and acts of terror, must be called for what it is and must never be disguised as freedom of speech. Our society should have zero tolerance of hate or any kind. This is a time for action by all, not just words and especially action by our elected officials.

It is also time for us in the business events industry to be responsible for our role and ensure that our organizations and our events are inclusive, equitable and where everyone belongs.

PCMA is focused on human connections – connecting people with purpose to ideas and opportunities. Our purpose is inclusion and reconciliation…we can play a role.