Former Visit Baltimore Apprentice Tymarra Sherrill Shares Her Thoughts on the Significance of Supporting Women in Tourism

Happy multi-generational women having fun together.

Most acknowledge Women’s History Month as a celebration of women’s accomplishments and contributions spanning the month of March. However, very little is known about its more detailed history and evolution.

Women’s History Month started as International Women’s Day, with the first gathering held in 1911. The day was recognized and celebrated in the United States in 1975 when the United Nations began sponsoring it. By 1987, Congress declared the entire month of March as Women’s History Month, and every president has supported it since then.

The tourism and hospitality industry has become one of the largest employers of women today. Although women make up 54% of the tourism workforce worldwide, they only represent one-quarter of decision-makers in this sector. Women’s limited participation in decision-making reflects factors such as gender discrimination, skill shortages, and significant gender pay gaps.

This year’s honorees of the 2022 Top Women Leading Travel & Hospitality shared vital strategies for attracting and retaining women talent in the industry. To learn more about how your organization can play a significant role in advancing more women leadership:

I encourage you not just in March but throughout the year to take time and reflect on trailblazing women who have been leading the way for change globally.