EBANMAN: The First Social Network and APP to Support Black Professional Gay Men

EBANMAN is a lifestyle brand, that showcases the professional lifestyles of black gay men within Business, Travel, Arts & Entertainment, and Community. EBANMAN provides curated content, enlightening articles, engaging commentary, and appealing visual designs.

The EBANMAN platform embodies the work of CEOs, entrepreneurs, industry experts, LGBTQ community leaders, and change agents; giving EBANMAN’s content a more authentic perspective.

The EBANMAN is a blend of two cultures that embodies the affluent professional African-American gay man. He is ageless, progressive, and goal-oriented. This man is passionate about investing in himself, seeks to elevate his life and change the perception of the community.


The EBANMAN community evolved from the lack of resources, archetypes, and the media’s misportrayed identity of Black gay men. The community recognized this diversity gap and decided to curate a safe space that showcases their diverse cultures and lifestyles and provides resources and services, to elevate the experience of Black gay men.

They understood that there was a need to develop broader awareness of the Black gay identity, so they use the EBANMAN platform to educate the world of who they are and defy the stereotypes set forth by mainstream media.

EBANMAN believes there is an incredible opportunity to unify Black gay men who are different but have shared experiences to propel the culture and community forward.

EBANMAN Founder and CEO

Tom Logan, a self-described connector, has committed himself to provide resources and support to the Black gay community. Over the last 6 years, he has worked on cultivating his passion to create a lifestyle brand dedicated to enhancing the lives of professional Black gay men.

With over 20+ years in corporate America moving up the ranks from customer service to management, he finally made the decision to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Using his passion for providing exceptional service, he has accumulated over the years, has become the foundation for empowering and elevating the Black gay experience. Influenced by the lack of resources and gaps in service for the Black LGBTQ community, he aspires to be a part of the change in the narrative for the current and next generation.