Celebrating the Vietnamese Culture

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a month-long initiative dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the various cultures within the Asian Community. Learn more here.

Vietnamese History & Culture

The Vietnamese Culture is represented by many ethnically diverse groups transcending from varying regions throughout Southeastern Asian. Vietnamese cultural traditions can be expressed and celebrated through a number of customs, such as their diverse ethnic groups, social beliefs, cuisines, costumes, religion, music, dance, arts, literature, martial arts, festivals, and holidays.


Vietnamese people are very respectable and filled with pride. They embrace their traditional beliefs and customs, as they have experienced immense challenges in gaining their independence as a people. Violation or ignorance of Vietnamese Etiquette is considered to be offensive. Therefore, it is important to become familiar with the Vietnamese culture and customs  when entertaining a person from that culture to ensure that mutual respect is shown.


Vietnamese Cuisines are popularly known for their simply fresh ingredients, and jam-packed flavors and aroma.  As simple as the ingredients are for these delectable dishes, most of the dishes are complex in nature. Vietnamese natives are skilled in preparing most of their popular dishes on the side of the road and have them taste just as impeccable as if they were made in a high-end restaurant.


Vietnamese Music, in modern society is influenced by various traditional folklore elements. There are more than 20 different styles of expression through which Vietnamese Music can be experienced to tell stories. Some forms of Vietnamese sing has been preserved as intangible Cultural Heritage.


Vietnamese Art forms are filled with rich ancient history and can be expressed in a number of ways from Visual Arts to Performing Arts. Vietnamese Art has become amusing pieces of work throughout the world.


The Vietnamese Language is influenced by the Chinese and French language. There are several Vietnamese dialects that are spoken by Northern, Central and Southern Vietnamese natives.  The Vietnamese Language is considered to be one of the most spoken languages throughout the world.

Festivals & Holidays

Most Japanese Festivals & Holidays are celebrated in the Spring and are influenced by most Chinese festivals and holidays, to bring together families to celebrate the life of their beloved ancestors and observe religious events.