Celebrating the Japanese Culture

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a month-long initiative dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the various cultures within the Asian Community. Learn more here.

Japanese History & Culture

The Japanese culture is influenced by its people’s unique and fascinating expression of arts, music, food, symbols, festivals, holidays, language, fashion, and technological innovations.


In the Japanese culture, the first expression is crucial as conduct can make or break the deal. When entertaining a person from a Japanese culture it is imperative to do your due the diligence by becoming familiar with their Etiquette styles and how they conduct themselves.


Elements within Japanese Cuisines are known for its vibrant flavors and food types.  Food is a common motivator for people within the Japanese culture to travel out of range to gain access to delectably delicious dishes and serves as a great topic of discussion when highlighting popular Japanese dishes. 


Like most cultures, music is an integral part of the Japanese culture. Japanese Music is associated with varied musical styles influenced by nations throughout the Asian community.  Through the centuries, Japanese music has evolved, and traditional Japanese musical compositions are evident throughout the world.


Japanese Art and be seen expressed through origami, calligraphy, pottery, architecture, painting, sculptures, and other visual forms.  


Japanese is the most common language spoken throughout the Japanese culture; however, there are several forms of Ryukyuan languages spoken by Japanese natives from various Islands surrounding Japan. The use of Ryukyuan becoming more extinct as years progress.

Festivals & Holidays

Most Japanese Festival & Holidays are celebrated to honor the shrine’s deities, historical or seasonal events. It is common for festivals to be celebrated over a serval day period.