Celebrating the Indian Culture

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a month-long initiative dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the various cultures within the Asian Community. Learn more here.

Indian History & Culture

The Indian culture is prided on their rich artistic expressions in music, food, dance and art; and is  influenced by the diversity, innovative abilities, religious traditions, adaptiveness, and modesty of the people.


Within the Indian culture, etiquette is an integral part of the traditional norms. In honoring and respecting the Indian culture it is important to understand the structure in which characters are built. Indians are very warm and hospitable people; however, there are nuances that can quickly ruin your relations with a person from that cultural realm.  Therefore, it is important to become familiar with the varying etiquette styles that are practiced within the Indian culture.


Indian Cuisines are popularly known for their mouthwatering flavors and aromatic fusion of fresh garnishes. Indian dishes derived from a variety of influences and regions within the culture and have transcended throughout many parts of the world and made it to the menus of most eclectic restaurants.


There are various forms and expressions of Indian Music. Like most cultures, Indian Music has evolved and been adapted into many other cultures musical flare globally through its rich and influential elements.


Indian Art can be depicted through various forms and expressions. Most popular are the varying styles of paintings that has evolved with time through a variety of traditions that has existed throughout the Indian culture.


Among the Indian Language, Hindi and English are popularly spoken; however, there are over 800 languages and approximately 2000 dialects spoken within the Indian culture.

Festivals & Holidays

Indian Festival & Holidays are diverse and energetically as the people within the culture. These holidays and festivals are recognized to celebrate the people’s rich and vibrant history, culture, religion and deities.