Carnival Cruise Line – All Aboard For A Better Future

April is Diversity Month, a month-long initiative to recognize and celebrate all cultures and populations. Learn more here.

Carnival Cruise Line has been inherently diverse, attracting team members from more than 110 nationalities around the globe, both shipboard and shoreside.  

Carnival Cruise Line continues to celebrate not only their diversity, but also to champion equity, inclusion and belonging; starting with transparent conversations and transformational initiatives across their organization.  With input from their team, they now have a comprehensive plan to move the DEI needle including attracting even more diverse team members, ensuring transparent promotion criteria and processes, developing team members of all nationalities and genders into leadership roles, and focusing intentionally on equal recognition of behaviors and results.

To learn more about Carnival Cruise Line’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, please visit Carnival Cruise Line’s website for further information.