Bringing Effective DEI Into Your Events


Skift Meetings, a trusted publication that global meetings and event professionals turn to for guidance and inspiration about innovation in the meetings industry, recently published an enlightening article that explores ten effective ways to incorporate DEI into events.


Skift’s article emphasizes the importance of DEI in events and how it has become an increasingly significant aspect of the business landscape. With the meetings industry going through a generational shift, new-wave event professionals demand that DEI be prioritized by organizations and companies alike.


Skift presents practical approaches to bringing DEI into events, including connecting with industry organizations, sourcing diverse vendors and services, and building a diverse workforce. 


Incorporating DEI into events is crucial for the success and growth of businesses and organizations in the modern world. Skift dives deeper into strategies and provides additional insights.


To learn more, we encourage you to visit the link below to read the full article on Skift’s website.