Apprenticeship Program Information

A program designed to provide hands-on working experience to ethnically diverse Apprentices interested in pursuing a career in the tourism and hospitality industry. Potential Apprentices will receive an opportunity to choose a tourism, hospitality, events, venue or sports career path that aligns with their professional career goals. The Tourism Apprentice Career Track (TACT) is comprised of three distinctive tracks: a Destination Track, a Sports Track, and a Meetings & Events Track.

The Apprentice will complete a total of 600 working hours (not to exceed six months) among all three partners and during this time they will gain experience working across multiple departments (i.e., marketing, sales, finance, operations, etc.)

They will also gain exposure to other local stakeholders and community partners such as the Airport, Government Agencies, Meeting and Event Organizations, Restaurants and Attractions etc. Upon successful completion of the program, a full-time position will be secured. 

“In order to have an impact on ethnic diversity in the tourism and events industry long term, we must first engage with young professionals in a meaningful way. For this apprenticeship program to truly succeed, there must be career planning, ongoing mentorship, support from our industry partners, and job placement at the end, and we hope to add value in all those areas.”

Mike Gamble 2021

Mike Gamble

President & CEO, Tourism Diversity Matters

How the Program Works

Apprenticeship Program Benefits

Gain valuable work experience with a Destination Organization, Sports Management, or Meeting and Events Career Track.

Experience working across multiple departments and with other local stakeholders.

Merge academic theory with practical application in the workplace.

Guaranteed employment upon successful completion.

Tourism Apprenticeship Career Tracks


Curated to prepare Apprentices interested in  a Destination Management, hotel or facility career path. The Apprentice will be provided the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with a Destination Organization (DO), Hotel and Convention Facility or another destination partner (Airport Authority, Attraction, etc.). 


Developed to prepare Apprentices for a career in Sports Events and Tourism. The Apprentice will be provided the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with a Sports Commission, sports complexes, lodging, sports marketing departments for corporations, and Collegiate Athletic Department or Professional Sports Team.


Designed to prepare Apprentices that are interested in becoming an event planner or show organizer. The Apprentice will be provided the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with an Industry Event Association, Event Company, a facility and perhaps a University.

Past Program Participants

“The Apprenticeship Program allowed me to connect and form meaningful relationships with prominent industry professionals. I gained valuable firsthand experience within Washington, DC’s DO (Destination DC), DC’s convention and sports authority (Events DC).

The best part about this program is the assistance in securing a full-time position once it concludes. The program played a huge role in me joining the Events DC team full-time right after completing the program. I hope this program continues to grow, so that other young professionals interested in this industry can gain well-rounded exposure.”

Chad Manhertz

Project Manager Strategic Initiatives, Events DC

“The apprenticeship program gave me the opportunity to see the hospitality industry holistically. I was able to learn tips and advice about this industry, and I was also able to meet industry leaders, shadow them, and create relationship that I’m nurturing to this day as a full-time employee.”

Caleb Ross

Sales Manager Phoenix Park Hotel

“The apprenticeship allowed me to experience incredibly unique opportunities. I helped SMG open U.S. Bank Stadium, I led a research project for the City Coordinator of Minneapolis, and I assisted the leadership team at The Marriott City Center- just to name a few.


This is the perfect program for students seeking a diverse immersion into the hospitality industry. I am so grateful to have piloted this program and to have established a strong network of relationships that I can rely on as I progress in this industry.”

Lataya Williams

Sales Coordinator U.S. Bank Stadium

Apprenticeship Program Supporters

Destinations International serves destination marketing and management professionals. Together with our members and partners, we represent a powerful forward-thinking, collaborative association: exchanging bold ideas, connecting innovative people, and elevating tourism to its highest potential.

As the only trade association for the sport tourism industry, Sports ETA is the most trusted resource for sports commissions, destination organizations (DOs), and sports event owners. Our promise is to deliver quality education, ample networking opportunities and exceptional event management and marketing know-how to our members.

The International Association of Venue Managers, having significant influence in a global industry, is the acknowledged organization providing superlative leadership, cutting-edge innovation, advanced education, supportive advocacy, opportunities for networking and connection to other venue professionals around the world.

“We are committed to developing and investing in the leaders of tomorrow that represent a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives. We believe the Apprenticeship Program will provide a structured platform for young people to be exposed to the travel and tourism industry and gain invaluable learning opportunities from experienced leaders.”

Don Welsh

President & CEO, Destinations International

“Sports ETA is pleased to support this new innovative apprenticeship program offering professional experience to the next generation of leaders in our sports events tourism industry. The partnership with Destinations International, International Association of Venue Managers and SearchWide Global will provide a comprehensive approach to offering a number of professional opportunities for the apprentices.”

Alan R. Kidd

President & CEO, Sports ETA

“This apprenticeship program is in concert with IAVM’s values in offering real life experiences to a diverse and inclusive future leadership in our phenomenal industry. We are excited to partner with Destinations International and SearchWide Global to further professional development for leadership that is inclusive and strong.”

Brad Mayne

President & CEO, International Association of Venue Managers

Interested in learning more?

Schedule a phone consultation with SearchWide Global’s Apprenticeship Program Coordinator or call us toll free at 888-386-6390. 

“Pursing opportunities is the cornerstone that creates the stepping stone for a successful career milestone”

Deedra Mills-Hall

Apprenticeship Program Coordinator